rabbit Six

Are you able to put a stop to this gang of criminals?


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Rabbit Six

For months, “Rabbit Six” has been keeping the police on the go nationwide – numerous spectacular bank robberies have already been perpetrated by this notorious gang and have caused a real hype in the media. The Clou: Always 6 branches are attacked at the same time by the shrewd criminal crew with the white rabbit masks, which succeeds again and again to lure the investigators on wrong tracks … and to leave them thereby always before the wrong bank branches plentifully stupidly.
So it’s high time to let the professionals do their job! Your team of investigators has a reputation for putting a stop to even the cleverest of gangs. And you have found the Rabbit’s headquarters. In the small office of a run-down factory building, you find a disturbing note – the next raid will take place in 60 minutes! Will you be able to find out the next 6 targets of the gang?

45 or 60 minutes playing time

Up to 32 people in parallel (more on request)

Price on request




Your employees face many challenges in their daily work: Different views and behaviours in the team as well as different goals lead to delayed work processes, while at the same time deadlines have to be met and projects completed.

Mobile Escape Rooms enable groups to identify their strengths and weaknesses in a protected environment. Through the shared moments of success in the course of the game cooperation is strengthened and the value of the individual in the team is demonstrated. Due to the high entertainment value and the industry- and age-independent applicability, communication, cooperation and cognitive skills are promoted in a playful way.


Rabbit Six is ideal as an introduction to the teambuilding process and for teambuilding events in general. We work together with a network of professional coaches and are open for your in-house coaches.

Corporate Events

Make every event an experience!
Mobile Escape Rooms offer fascinating entertainment for large groups and special corporate events - and will be long remembered by your employees.

We are on the road with our mobile Escape Rooms throughout Germany as well as in Austria and Switzerland.

Please contact Mr. Flitsch for further questions or for an individual offer.


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