Storybased Crowd Experience

A completely new and interactive Live Event Concept completely optimised to your requirements.

Storybased Crowd Experience

Break with familiar patterns and let people be an engaged participant instead of just an attending guest at your event. Ranging all the way from the save-the-date card to the follow-up activity, we will stage an interactive story for you which will turn your event into an immersive and comprehensive experience – guaranteeing an impressive framework for your event topics.

A unique experience that will be remembered.

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Custom integrated game time slots from event activity to full day concepts

50-500 people together

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Storybased crowd experience

We offer you a completely new event concept that turns your guests from participants into committed co-creators of your event.

An experience without limits

From the first save-the-date card to the follow-up contact, we offer you completely story-based and at the same time economically feasible concepts that take your guests into other worlds and anchor your content, messages and goals impressively and long-term.

Similar to Michael Douglas in "The Game", our experts from the fields of event planning and technology, psychology and acting & theatre have developed a basic concept that will turn your event into an immersive all-round experience. Your guests become actors in a story, a big game, which will turn your company with all its facets into a structure that can be experienced. Of course, you yourself decide the intensity of your event - everything is possible, from moderate and entertaining to revolutionary and highly exciting.

With our immersive and playful concepts, we make community and togetherness a tangible experience, involve your guests interactively and thus enable a strong feeling of "us”, which contributes to a stable basis for your business relationships in the long term.

Interactive and emotional

Based on proven game theories and established gamification approaches, our concepts offer your guests the opportunity to actively influence the action and thus not only provide you with the opportunity to convey information and content in a memorable way, but also to serve an emotional level that is otherwise difficult to reach.

Whether dealer event, premiere event, anniversary celebration, annual kick-off event, Christmas party or customer event - be one of the first companies to present its corporate events in a completely new and sensational setting!

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