Our success story started in 2014, when ExitGames Stuttgart were the first escape rooms with a permanent location to open their doors to the public, winning new enthusiastic fans day after day. Within a short period, we also added locations in Würzburg, Nuremberg, Kaiserslautern and Berlin, and with demand, our sphere of influence also grew. In 2015, we put together our first mobile escape rooms on site for corporate customers and inspired them with our exceptional, innovative and immersive solutions for team building, team events & entertainment.

Apart from continuously increasing our permanent locations, the potentials of mobile escape rooms become clearer and clearer. As the demand for tailor-made mobile solutions for corporate customers from nearly any industry continued to grow, we finally developed the Business Elephant brand, meeting the diverse and personalised needs of our corporate clients. While right at the beginning our focus was on the concepts’ mobility aspects, we soon started to develop escape rooms tailored to corporate needs and scenarios, customised and branded on request to exploit the amazing possibilities of product placement, recruiting and marketing. Apart from these very successful and effectual concepts, we constantly work on new, highly scalable and effective products as well as develop fully customised concepts, completely originating from the needs of companies and institutions. Their playful and novel approaches unlock knowledge sharing and personnel diagnostics. Our vision for the future is to discover extra potential in our wonderful work and use it to create exceptional and constructive results for our customers.


When the individual proprietorships of Bidi Exit UG, ExitGames Operations GmbH and Pfeffermind Events GmbH merged into Paperdice Solutions GmbH in April 2018, our aim was to bundle existing expertise, leverage synergies and assist our customers as a strong and forward-thinking partner. With a total of 37 in-house escape rooms, two virtual reality escape rooms, ten city rallies at currently eleven locations, our own manufacture and the ExitGames, Exit Adventures, Mission Accepted, ExitVentures and Business Elephant brands, Paperdice Solutions GmbH with its headquarters in Berlin is Germany’s most lucrative live escape and adventure games company.

Head of Business Elephant