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Mobile escape rooms as team building activity focus on improving several key skills: The group gets an exciting mission that requires the various abilities of all the individual players to achieve the goal. A customised escape room is not only ideal to playfully enhance collaboration but also acts a valuable instrument for personnel development and HR diagnostics: Observations and insights gained from the game constitute an excellent foundation for comprehensive analyses and coachings.


– Promote group cohesion and communication
– Boost team efficiency, motivation and productivity
– Perform novel and needs-based HR analyses.

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Product Placement

Clever use of product placement steps up brand awareness and the associated customer growth. In a mobile escape room, the scenario can be customised according to a particular product. You can incorporate the product into storytelling as a puzzle element to make it a fundamental and actively usable part of the game. This way, future customers or their employees can experience the product first-hand and emotionally.


– Present products in a surprisingly novel and creative way
– Increase brand awareness and generate customers
– Positively influence and emotionally anchor product perception.

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Team Events

You are planning a company event and would like to impress your employees and event guests with an unusual and unforgettable agenda? Whether company party, incentive event, Christmas do or summer party—mobile escape rooms are ideal for extraordinary indoor and outdoor entertainment. They have a high fun factor while realising decisive benefits for your company: Missions mastered together increase team spirit and motivation, improving the corporate climate in the long run and effectively making you more attractive as an employer.

Advantages for Team events

– Host company events in a surprisingly different way
– Increase team spirit and employee motivation
– Improve corporate climate, become more attractive as an employer.



Mobile escape rooms are excellent for gaining an authentic and genuine impression of a candidate because they have to fully concentrate on the mission to be solved. In the process, you cannot only assess job-relevant skills and knowledge but also have the excellent opportunity to observe personal characteristics and soft skills. Naturally, we can also integrate company-specific technical questions or already established test questions into your scenario. The actual testing process is camouflaged by the game and becomes the perfect foundation for tailor-made aptitude diagnostics.

Advantages for recruiting

– Assess applicants authentically and genuinely
– Use customised aptitude diagnostics
– Add a fun factor to recruiting for candidates and HR staff

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Gamification established itself as a valuable tool in many fields of business and education and proves to have an enormous and lasting efficacy. Even dry and complicated matters are getting excitedly absorbed and internalized. Whether it is company-specific or educational, one time event or recurring concept – Our products are getting tuned right to your needs.


– Transfer of knowledge in a playful and lasting way
- Achieving success with groundbreaking methods
- Perfectly fitting for a variety of topics: nature conservancy, IT security, data protection or compliance

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In our world of interactive media and globalisation it gets more and more complicated to find new and innovative ways of communication and to stand out from the crowd of offers and competitors. Business Elephant offers a variety of possibilities, to support your campaign and to communicate your message in a new and exciting way. Our products allow for the highly emotional addressing of your target audience, which will get remembered as their own positive experience.


– Addressing of your target audience in a highly emotional and immersive way
– Playfully convincing subtext
– Gaining attention with creative marketing

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Based on your wishes and ideas, we develop tailor-made escape rooms that carry your branding.


We are the first provider of mobile escape games in Germany and have now become specialists in this field.


As an established service provider for live escape and corporate games, we apply our knowledge and find a solution to your needs.


In our own production workshop, game designers work daily on the development of innovative products.


Renowned customers are delighted about our mobile escape rooms and recommend our service.


We specialise in the development of corporate games that combine usefulness and entertainment.


We are project managers and game designers, tradespeople and IT experts, stage designers and set designers, event assistants and coaches, hosts and performers—and much more. Together we have set ourselves the task of supporting companies and institutions in all aspects of corporate communication with our exceptional and tailor-made gaming concepts, and of celebrating achievements together. The individuality and diversity of your needs, requirements and objectives is matched by the versatility of our solutions for marketing & product placement, team building & coaching, recruiting & diagnostics, training & knowledge sharing, team events & entertainment.

The concept of escape games established itself long ago as a corporate event and is popular as a diversified and entertaining team event—but did you know that there is an immense potential way beyond this exciting and immersive game experience? With many years of experience and comprehensive know-how, Business Elephant as a Paperdice Solutions GmbH brand leverages these potentials to develop tangible and customised concepts fully focusing on your topics, objectives and messages. Our standardised mobile escape rooms are specifically tailored to the needs of corporate customers and may be customised to your corporate history, identity, products or specific contents as you wish. Apart from that, we can also develop brand-new concepts together with you so they not just adapt to your needs but originate from them.

No matter whether they are intended for a single candidate in an assessment centre or for 1,000 guests during a kick-off event—our extraordinary and inspiring concepts are suitable for virtually any scale and corporate objective. In the process, we are happy to visit your locations in Germany, Austria or Switzerland or any other site on request. This is just one of the reasons why all our products are also available in English, to guarantee unique and unforgettable experiences for an international audience. So who do you want us to inspire?

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„ It was surprising how immersive the experience was despite a mobile setup – the hour (precisely 59’37” until the accurate solution) flew by! A great team experience that created an even greater bond between us! Thanks!!!“

Lutz Rathmann – Land Rover Experience

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What is a mobile escape room or corporate escape room?

Our mobile escape rooms are designed exclusively for corporate customers. Unlike stationary escape rooms, we can set up a mobile escape room at your desired location. You provide us with the space, we bring the equipment and build the escape room at your location. Your employees or customers will have a set time limit to solve the intended mission.

How many participants can play simultaneously in an escape room?

Up to 15 people can play in our mobile escape rooms, depending on the setting. However it is possible to set up multiple escape rooms in parallel and accommodate large groups consisting of several teams – for an identical and simultaneous gaming experience.

Can all participants be involved in an escape room?

Yes! Through our non-linear gameplay, it is possible to engage every player actively.

At which locations can the events be performed?

We take our mobile escape rooms to any location within Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

What do you require from me?

You only need to provide us with a room that is at least 25 – 30 m² in size, which ideally already has basic office equipment (tables, chairs, flipchart, etc.). In front of the room there should be a place where the game master can sit. We are happy to help you look for a suitable room.

How long do you need for preparation and dismantling?

To set up the escape room and ensure an optimum process, we estimate a construction time of 2 hours. We then need about one hour to dismantle everything and return the conference room to its initial state.

How does the event take place?

After setup, the participants receive an introduction and a mission briefing at the agreed start time, and can delve into the experience straight away. An experienced game master supervises each team all along, and helps with hints. Games last between 15 and 75 minutes, depending on the product and individual needs. Any questions are clarified in a subsequent debriefing. Dismantling follows.

Is the game also suitable for people who cannot understand German?

Yes. In addition to German, our mobile escape room games can also be played in English. This means that the introduction and debriefing as well as the mysteries themselves are both in German and English.


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