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  • Recruiting
  • Teaching
  • Product Placement
  • Team Events
  • Team Building
  • Christmas party

Project Daiters

One team – one new product. The development: top secret! For months, Karin Daiters and her team have been working on a new development, said to revolutionise the future. Tomorrow, it will be introduced to the world from Silicon Valley. The team is sitting in the plane. Headwind delayed their arrival. None of them can be reached. For security reasons, the presentation on the USB stick will self-destroy unless it is connected to a validated computer within 12 hours.

Can you combine the clues in Karin’s office and crack all the passwords for the stationary storage medium in order to give her the presentation in time?

Flexible game duration

Up to 75 people in parallel

price on request


Mobile Escape Rooms are ideal for creating an extraordinary customer experience. Players experience the product up close and emotional.
The game scenario is individually adaptable to your needs: Your products can be integrated in a way that the players have to use them, for example, to solve a puzzle.

Team Building

Success comes as a team! The puzzles of Project Daiters are designed to make the players communicate and work together. Optimal for promoting team cohesion and breaking through communication barriers.

Product Placement

Playfully reach new target groups! With a tailor-made product placement in an escape room, you combine your product with a positive experience that promotes long-term interest in your company and brand.


Find the right applicants!
Project Daiters consists of a selection of very different types of puzzles that challenge players in different ways and reveal the qualities of your applicants.
Who shows leadership potential? And who remains calm under time pressure?

Through the possibilities of individualisation, PROJECT DAITERS can support your corporate culture or integrate your corporate identity into the puzzle strands in a meaningful way.
Whether in Stuttgart, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna or Zurich – we are on the road for you in the entire DACH region with Escape Rooms.
Please contact Mrs. Neuberger for further questions or for an individual offer.



If you want to include company-specific themes or additional content in your game, you have the option of customizing our standard versions: From branding of puzzle-relevant elements to customization of the mission and puzzles and exclusive new development, we offer an individual experience that helps you achieve your goals.


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