The most asked questions.

What are escape rooms or live escape games?

Live escape games are played in teams in one or several interconnected and fixed rooms. The group receives a mission to be accomplished within a given time. The players in the room have to combine notes and objects, and work together to solve mysteries as a team. Cameras and microphones allow the gameplay to be monitored by a game master located outside the room. The game master can help the group by giving tips. He/she also introduces the rules and mission before the game and performs a debriefing once the game is finished.

What is a mobile escape room or corporate escape room?

Our mobile escape rooms are designed exclusively for corporate customers. Unlike stationary escape rooms, we can set up a mobile escape room at your desired location. You provide us with the space, we bring the equipment and build the escape room at your location. Your employees or customers will have a set time limit to solve the intended mission.

How many participants can play simultaneously in an escape room?

Up to 12 people can play in our mobile escape rooms, depending on the setting. However it is possible to set up multiple escape rooms in parallel and accommodate large groups consisting of several teams – for an identical and simultaneous gaming experience.

What can I use corporate games for?

You can deploy our corporate games during team events, such as Christmas parties or summer parties, or as an extraordinary team building event. They can also be used as part of your marketing strategy for product placement and for integrating company-specific topics (such as occupational safety, managing principles, employer branding, corporate identity). Even your recruiting event can be extended by an original tool through our corporate games. Upon request we can customise your event in cooperation with our game designers.

Can all participants be involved in an escape room?

Yes! Through our non-linear gameplay, it is possible to engage every player actively.

At which locations can the events be performed?

We take our mobile escape rooms to any location within Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

What do you require from me?

For most of our Escape Games you only need to provide us with a room that is at least 25 – 30 m² in size, which ideally already has basic office equipment (tables, chairs, flipchart, etc.). In front of the room there should be a place where the game master can sit. We are happy to help you look for a suitable room. For our offers "Crack Your Case" and "BrainBox" we only need a table each and a power outlet.

How long do you need for preparation and dismantling?

To set up the escape room and ensure an optimum process, we estimate a construction time of 2 hours. We then need about one hour to dismantle everything and return the conference room to its initial state.

How does the event take place?

After setup, the participants receive an introduction and a mission briefing at the agreed start time, and can delve into the experience straight away. An experienced game master supervises each team all along, and helps with hints. Games last between 45 and 75 minutes, depending on the product and individual needs. Any questions are clarified in a subsequent debriefing. Dismantling follows.

Is the game also suitable for people who cannot understand German?

Yes. In addition to German, our mobile escape games can also be played in English. This means that the introduction and debriefing as well as the mysteries themselves are both in German and English.